The journal Harvard Studies in Classical Philology has been published by Harvard's Department of the Classics since 1862. HSCP welcomes articles dealing with all aspects of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome and adheres to an inclusive definition of what constitutes philology. In addition to scholarship on language and written texts from the ancient world, HSCP publishes work, for example, on ancient history, philosophy, art history, and the reception of classical culture in late antiquity, the medieval period, and beyond.

The Department has also published longer works in the series of Loeb Classical Monographs.

Medieval Latin

Harvard Studies in Medieval Latin offers a forum for the publication of texts with translations and commentaries, studies of specific genres or works, and other types of investigations that encourage exploration of Medieval Latin literature and culture by students, scholars, and general readers with interests in Latin and the Middle Ages.

Series editor: Jan M. Ziolkowski

Modern Greek

Cultural Politics, Socioaesthetics, Beginnings publishes books on sociocultual history, anthropology, literature, and critical theory, focusing on European—mainly Greek—traditions across historical, geographic, or disciplinary boundaries.

The Harvard Early Modern and Modern Greek Library is the only series of books which, through both original text and English translation, makes accessible to scholars and general readers the major works of Greek literature and thought produced in the last millennium, from the late eleventh century to the present.

Series editors: Panagiotis Roilos and Dimetrios Yatromanolakis

Harvard Studies in Classical Philology

Loeb Classical Monographs

Harvard Studies in Medieval Latin

Cultural Politics, Socioaesthetics, Beginnings

Harvard Early Modern and Modern Greek Library