Loeb Classical Monographs

The Loeb Classical Monographs series includes works on various topics.

Images for Classicists
Coleman, Kathleen M., ed. 2015. Images for Classicists. Cambridge, MA: Department of the Classics, Harvard University, 144. Publisher's Version Abstract


Kathleen M. ColemanApproaching the Visual in Ancient Culture: Principles
Luca GiulianiHow Did the Greeks Translate Traditional Tales into Images?
Katherine M. D. DunbabinImage, Myth, and Epic on Mosaics of the Late Roman West
Timothy M. O’SullivanAurati laquearia caeli: Roman Floor and Ceiling Decoration and the Philosophical Pose
Andrew Burnett and Dominic OldmanRoman Coins and the New World of Museums and Digital Images
Kathleen M. ColemanApproaching the Visual in Ancient Culture: Practicalities
East and West: Papers in Ancient History Presented to Glen W. Bowersock
Brennan, Corey T, and Harriet I Flower, ed. 2008. East and West: Papers in Ancient History Presented to Glen W. Bowersock. Cambridge, MA: Department of the Classics, Harvard University, 218. Publisher's Version Abstract

In this volume a distinguished international group of ancient historians explores the classical antiquity that Glen W. Bowersock has given us over a scholarly career of almost fifty years at Harvard and the Institute for Advanced Study, described by Aldo Schiavone in his introduction as "a world of plurality and of the multifarious, of the ethnic and cultural melting pot, the world of Romanized Greekness and Hellenized Romaness, of open, shifting identities, of travels, curiosities and exchanges, of East permeating West and the West understanding the East, of seas that unite much more than they divide, of malleability, pliability, and constant integration."

Aldo Schiavone "Only Connect"
Walter Ameling Ethnography and Universal History in Agatharchides
Andrea Giardina Metis in Rome: A Greek Dream of Sulla
Miriam T. Griffin Iure plectimur: The Roman Critique of Roman Imperialism
Christopher Jones The Survival of the Sophists
Robert J. Penella Himerius' Orations to his Students
Peter Brown Alms and the Afterlife: A Manichaean View of an Early Christian Practice
Maurice Sartre De Pétra à Jérusalem … et retour!
The Roman World of Dio Chrysostom
Jones, Christopher P. 1978. The Roman World of Dio Chrysostom. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 208. Publisher's Version Abstract

The Greek orator Dio Chrysostom is a colorful figure, and along with Plutarch one of the major sources of information about Greek civilization during the early Roman Empire. Christopher P. Jones offers here the first full-length portrait of Dio in English and, at the same time, a view of life in cities such as Alexandria, Tarsus, and Rhodes in the first centuries of our era.

Skillfully combining literary and historical evidence, Mr. Jones describes Dio’s birthplace, education, and early career. He examines the civic speeches for what they reveal about Dio’s life and art, as well as the life, thought, and language of Greek cities in this period. From these and other works he reinterprets Dio’s attitude toward the emperors and Rome. The account is as lucid and pleasantly written as it is carefully documented.