Harvard Studies in Classical Philology


Thomas, Richard F., ed. 2015. “Harvard Studies in Classical Philology,” 108.



Miguel Herrero

"Trust the God’: Tharsein in Ancient Greek Religion"

Jordi Pàmias  "Acusilaus of Argos and the Bronze Tablets"
Karen Rosenbecker "Just Desserts: Reversals of Fortune, Feces, Flatus, and Food in Aristophanes’ Wealth"

Yosef Liebersohn  "Crito’s character in Plato’s Crito"

Alexandros Kampakoglou  "Staging the Divine: Epiphany and Apotheosis in Callimachus HE 1121–1124"

Chistopher Eckerman  "Catullus’ Bacchylides and his Muses in Carmen 61"

Christopher Jones "The Greek Letters Ascribed to Brutus"

Jefferds Huyck  "Another Sort of Misogyny: Aeneid 9.140–141"

Mark Heerink  "Hylas, Hercules, and Valerius Flaccus’ Reaction to the Aeneid"

Lowell Edmunds  "Pliny the Younger on his Verse and Martial’s Non-Recognition of Pliny as a Poet"

Eleanor Cowan  "Caesar’s One Fatal Wound: Suetonius Div. Iul. 82.3"

Graeme Bourke  "Classical Sophism and Philosophy in Pseudo-Plutarch On the Training of Children"

Jarrett Welsh "Verse Quotations from Festus"

Benjamin Garstad

"Rome in the Alexander Romance"

James Adams

"The Latin of the Magerius Mosaic"

Lucia Floridi

"The Construction of a Homoerotic Discourse in the Epigrams of Ausonius"

Massimiliano Vitiello

"Emperor Theodosius’ Liberty and the Roman Past"

Tom Keeline and Stuart McManus

"Benjamin Larnell, Indian Latinist"

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