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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology welcomes articles dealing with all aspects of the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome and adheres to an inclusive definition of what constitutes philology. In addition to scholarship on language and written texts from the ancient world, HSCP publishes work, for example, on ancient history, philosophy, art history, and the reception of classical culture in late antiquity, the medieval period, and beyond.

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Harvard Studies in Classical Philology


Thomas, Richard F., ed. 2017. “Harvard Studies in Classical Philology,” 109.




José Marcos Macedo

"Zeus as (Rider of) Thunderbolt: A Brief Remark on Some of his Epithets"

Nikoloz Shamugia 

"Bronze Relief with Caeneus and Centaurs from Olympia"

Hayden Pelliccia

"The Violation of Wackernagel’s Law at Pindar Pythian 3.1"

Maria Pavlou

 "Lieux de Mémoire in the Plataean Speech (Thuc. 3.53–59)"

Robert Mayhew

 "A Note on [Aristotle] Problemata 26.61: Spider Webs as Weather Signs"

Sam Hitchings

 "The Date of [Demosthenes] XVII On The Treaty With Alexander"

John Walsh

"A Note on Diodorus 18.11.1, Arybbas, and the Lamian War"

Loukas Papadimitropoulos

 "Charicleia’s Identity and the Structure of Heliodorus’ Aethiopica"

Ian Goh

 "Kun-Egonde: A Note on a Euphemism in Lucilius"

Javier Uría

 "Iulius Romanus’ Remark on Titinius (123 G.): Emending a Strange Gloss"

Henry Spelman

 Borrowing Sappho’s Napkins: Sappho 101, Catullus 12, Theocritus 28"

Fabio Tutrone

 "Granting Epicurean Wisdom at Rome: Exchange and Reciprocity in Lucretius’ Didactic (DRN 1.921–950)"

Boris Kayachev

"He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: Aratus in Virgil’s Third Eclogue"

Florence Klein

"Vergil’s ‘Posidippeanism’?: The Ἀνδριαντοποιικά in Georgics 4 and Statius’ Siluae"

Gianpiero Rosati

"Evander’s Curse and the ‘Long Death’ of Mezentius (Verg. Aen. 8.483–488, 10.845–850)"

Fiachra Mac Góráin

"The Poetics of Vision in Virgil’s Aeneid"

Ioannis Ziogas

"Singing for Octavia: Vergil’s Life, Marcellus’ Death, and the End of Epic"

Benjamin Victor

"Four Passages in Propertius’ Last Book of Elegies"

David Greenwood

"Julian and Asclepius"


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